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to , and it's a wasteland of all eventually failed bots. See which had been around since mid 00's; it's no way. Anyone using AI for trading Forex? What has been your experience? Did you create the Bot or are you part of a collective doing bot trading? a bot made with ChatGPT (A.I. -_-) to trade Forex is basically the equivalent of burning your money in a pile because your hands are cold. I don't know much of anything about forex, MetaTrader, EA's, algorithms or basic trading techniques in general. I have zero experience in. To make a bot you need a profitable trading system (set of rules) first. Then, it's just plain old process automatisation. And if you're as good.

How do you create trading bot Well, start by finding a Python API of your broker, and download historical data for backtesting. Then you write. Reddit, Inc. © All rights reserved. r/Forex. Join. /r/Forex Trading Community. Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Chasing EAs to trade is like wanting a prosthetic leg so you can run a race, instead of using your own. Almost every EA on the market is a scam. This was one of the best responses to almost any subject I've seen on Reddit in quite some time. I genuinely thank you for taking the time. I'd like to know everything about your experiences with a trading bot especially if you have a small account. trade only forex pairs. Don't. A guy I work with told me he's saving up for a Forex trading bot/algorithm, how do I tell him this is a really bad idea and it's probably a scam. OK so early on in my forex foray I decided to try an EA, Forex Fury. I set up 12 mt4 accounts all demo and different settings on each one. forex trading buddies and this is my first reddit post. A wealthy friend of mine introduced me to a free forex trading bot last summer and I. trader, You're only profitable with the bot. Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Here you can converse about trading. This Forex robot performs daily operations with low risk and a refined strategy. It is available for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 and Myfxbook. What's the best forex trading bot? I'm thinking about investing a small amount into an automated trading bot. Are they all scams. Upvote 0.

Yes - some robots are well worth it if you are willing study the strategy, understand the settings and run extensive back-testing. So I ve come across an auto trading bot that has some decent returns. Check this link out for an up to date view of the bot s progress (https://. Hey guys I've recently seen that so many traders use robots and they are supposedly “profitable”. I'm still still a bit skeptical though. LLM AI solves a classic problem with trading bots. The ability of an human trader to determine trends via news feeds. With LLMs, that final. Absolutely works, most large firms use bots. But it ain't no click and forget system. Either make one yourself with a proven profitable. traders? If you think about it, a highly intelligent AI trading bot Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Here you. An incredible example of a fully automated and profitable Forex trading robot is CarinaBot. CarinaBot is considered one of the best ways to. In this post, we will be taking an in-depth look at the top 5 Forex Trading Robots on the market and how they can help you maximize your trading. Help me understand. Al based Forex Trading Robot. Question. My dad's friend have introduced him QFX bot bro which promises monthly approx 6%%.

Like I mentioned before, carinabot is undoubtedly the best forex robot I've ever tried. It delivers on its promises and consistently generates. When you use bots you need to use forex rebate provider, that way you accumulate additional money from trading. Everything is free and there is. Trading bot I've been into trading for a few years now and have always toyed with the idea of using a bot. I'm quite proficient with coding. EAs are a very good alternative to self trading, especially if you don't want human emotions and psychology to interfere with your trading. It's. I have been running my own Forex robot for over 13+ months and still been quite profitable! In fact, average 7+% monthly gain and 70+% absolute.

If you know about algorithmic trading bots, you know there are ways to customize them and make them trade the way you want. In my opinion. Can Automatic Trading Robots be profitable? · Valheim · Genshin Impact · Minecraft · Pokimane · Halo Infinite · Call of Duty: Warzone · Path of. I tried hundreds of robots, and here's my result: The only one, which you can get trial for 3 months for free, and which really works and makes. trading bots. They have a few different bots Forex bot? Fairly expensive buy-in Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Curious how your bot handles trading indices as opposed to singular stocks. Daytrading futures, forex, stocks, etc. Show Reddit · reReddit. Reddit, Inc. © All rights reserved. r/Forex. Join. /r/Forex Trading Community. Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Bots can only work in like a 1 static trend? Lastly are there any Lazy Successful Forex Traders out there that drive Lambos who doesn't want to.

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